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We created MUD in a "making decisions" class at Georgia State University in 2014. Our Professor asked the class in the next 5 years what do you see yourself doing? What you want to do or what somebody else wants you to do? He stated that we go to college because our parents told us to, and because society tell us in order to be successful one must go to college. This is when we came up the the acronym "MUD" 
It wasn't until 2015, we became a business where we made our dream our business in a Finance Class at Georgia State University. This professor was key on business and told us, "Make Your Life Your Business." We were voted second to last to succeed as a business.
Moreover, we are the only business that started and still operating. We have taken what we have learned and turned it into a business because we believe everyone should make their life their business because they have dreams of achieving great heights for themselves. It's all about the decisions we make in order to get us there. 

MUD "Manifest Ur Dreams" is for the dreamer who has yet to reach their full potential because they put their dreams on hold on quest to fulfill societal norms. By leaving your dreams on hold, your full potential is not reached which keeps you from allowing the Universe to gift you the abundant life you so deserve.

MANIFEST: the dream or vision brought to reality from the efforts put into action from the words spoken or thought.

UR: “Unique Revelations” It's something uniquely within you that is waiting to be be reveled to the universe. It's the dream/vision that you keep having, which is your future self manifesting something much greater than what you can think of.

DREAMS: Are lucid visions of the possibilities what you should actually be doing with your life. 

 “Your Dreams are Unique Revelations waiting to Manifest”

Your have to ask yourself these (2) questions:

1. What are your dreams?

2. What are your plans to manifest them?

There are (3) Principles to Manifesting Ur Dreams: 

1. Grind - work hard towards your dream.

2. Execute - the plan on how you are getting there.

3. Finish - seeing it all the way through, with making adjustments along the way.

You may be asking, “What does it take to manifest my dreams?” In theory, it takes having Belief, Dedication, Will, Heart, Sacrifice, and a ton of ACTION!!! 

In the words of Markus Malone our CEO, “Anything is Possible as Long as you believe that It is Possible, and go after it with a Vengeance.”  

With our apparel, we plan to motivate & inspire the masses to achieve a higher self consciously and grow to become the person they should be.

There's no limit to the success one can achieve, but you must be willing Manifest Ur Dreams because someone else is looking up to you which can determine how far that person can go.